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Roll Me Up’s Multi-Agency Collaboration with Gum Gum and The Digital Voice in London

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 Roll Me Up’s Multi-Agency Collaboration with Gum Gum across London.

Roll Me Up undertook an ambitious project in collaboration with Gum Gum, a leading advertising company, to commemorate the merger and full acquisition of Gum Gum and Playground XYZ. Over four days, and spread over 2 weeks, Roll Me Up’s ice cream roll carts were dispatched to eight different advertising and marketing agencies across London, simultaneously serving two locations at any given time. This venture was not just about delivering their signature ice cream rolls but also symbolizing the unity of the two companies through a unique culinary experience.


The key objectives of this collaboration were:

To celebrate the merger of two companies  Gum Gum and Playground xzy creatively and engagingly.
To demonstrate the unity of the merging companies through a special dual-flavour ice cream roll concept.
To enhance the brand presence of both Gum Gum and the merged companies across multiple agencies.


Working with The Digital Voice, we developed a multifaceted strategy to ensure the success of this complex operation:

Dual-Flavour Concept: Emphasizing the merger theme by creating special ice cream rolls that combined two distinct flavours, symbolizing the coming together of the two companies.
Logistics and Scheduling: Careful planning to manage simultaneous service at two different locations each day, ensuring consistency and quality across all servings.
Branding and Presentation: Customizing the carts and packaging to reflect the branding of Gum Gum and the merged entities, reinforcing the celebratory message.

Roll Me Up successfully managed the logistics of deploying ice cream roll carts to two different agencies each day. The carts were strategically placed to maximize visibility and engagement. Staff members were briefed to convey the story behind the dual-flavor concept, effectively communicating the merger’s message.

The dual-flavour ice cream rolls became an instant hit, with flavours carefully chosen to complement each other, much like the merging companies. The presentation of the rolls was carefully crafted to be visually appealing, with branding elements prominently displayed.

gum gum roll me up ice cream roll collaboration
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The campaign was met with enthusiasm and appreciation, achieving significant results:

High Engagement Levels: The novelty of the ice cream rolls and the symbolism behind the flavours captivated the agency staff, leading to high engagement levels.
Brand Exposure: The presence of Roll Me Up’s carts at key agencies provided valuable exposure for Gum Gum and the merged companies.
Positive Feedback: The initiative received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with many appreciating the creativity and thoughtfulness of the concept.

The collaboration between Roll Me Up and Gum Gum showcased the potential of innovative culinary experiences in corporate storytelling and branding. The successful execution across multiple agencies over four days highlighted Roll Me Up’s logistical capabilities and commitment to delivering a unique product with a meaningful message. This case study exemplifies how food can be more than just a treat; it can be a powerful tool for corporate communication and celebration.

I had the pleasure of using Roll Me Up for a total of 8 events, each in different locations and on different dates. I can't express enough how incredibly helpful the vendor was throughout this journey. Not only did they consistently supply top-quality ice cream, but they also went above and beyond to accommodate our sometimes challenging requests. Their professionalism and dedication made each event a sweet success. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an ice cream experience for their events

Cameron The Digital Voice
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