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Luxury Rolled ice cream
hire for parties and events

Roll Me Up, rolled ice cream party catering adds a new dimension to any party.

Our fun and vibrant handcrafters with an expertise in ice cream roll making, bring excitement, fun and deliciousness to every party. Our high quality luxurious Fresh Cotswold ice cream, blessed with incredibly indulgent bespoke flavours, is chopped and rolled right in front of you in the most satisfying way.

ice cream rolls for a bar matzvah

Personalised service.

With Roll Me Up’s Rolled Ice cream party catering we offer a personal and bespoke service for your celebration.

All the ice cream roll flavours will be chosen and personalised
by you for you. With many delicious and unique flavours to choose from

We don’t just personalise the menu, but also offer personalised
carts too. The branded carts will suit your themed party. With Roll Me Up’s ice cream roll dessert catering, we are able to
offer a variety of personalised services including

Branded carts with your logo or Insignia.

Branded cups with your logo or Insignia.

Bespoke menu and flavours.

We have various packages to suit! Just enquire below

Oreo and nutella Rolled ice cream with London Lash branding
A wedding guest making strawberry and Meringue ice cream rolls

Bespoke Packages

We have catered at nearly every party imaginable from Festival  birthdays, to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, from celebrations to christenings.

Our ice cream roll party packages are all unlimited so we will stay as long as you wish. All our packages include unlimited topping station filled with delicious sweet treats such as Cadbury’s Flake, sprinkles, premium wafer curls, sauces, chocolate beans and more 

We also offer alcohol ice cream flavours too. Why not enjoy a Mango Mojito, or a spiced rum and raisin?

We also offer Dairy free ice cream using Organic coconut

Fun and engaging crafters

Alcohol and Vegan flavours 

The WOW factor

We have various ice cream roll catering packages to suit! Just enquire below

rolled ice cream garden party