Ice Cream Rolls for Corporate Events:
A Memorable and Unique Dessert Option

2 rolled ice cream crafters with a double ice pan set up

Elevate Your Corporate Events with Unique Ice Cream Roll Experiences

Roll Me Up transforms corporate gatherings and brand activations with our exceptional ice cream roll hire service, offering a dessert experience that both captivates and delights attendees. Our artisanal ice cream rolls not only provide a mouthwatering treat but also introduce a dynamic, interactive element to your events, leaving a lasting impression on every guest.

Interactive Dessert Experience: The Heart of Corporate Gatherings.

Our expertise in ice cream roll hire for corporate events turns each dessert into a live performance. Witness the enchantment as our skilled artisans craft ice cream rolls right before your eyes, adding an engaging and fun aspect to your corporate events.

Live Artisanal Preparation: Guests watch in awe as our delicious Fresh liquid base transforms into delicious ice cream rolls.

Customization for Brand Activation: Elevate your brand visibility with customized carts and cups, showcasing your logo and brand colours. Our ice cream cart hire services are perfect for creating a tailored dessert experience that aligns with your brand identity.

The Ice Cream Roll Specialists
Transforming Events with Ice Cream Roll Hire:
A Versatile Choice for Every Corporate Occasion


From conferences and trade shows to employee appreciation days and team-building activities, our ice cream roll hire is designed to suit a variety of corporate events. This versatility ensures a unique and delectable dessert option, irrespective of the event’s scale.

Expertise in Large-Scale Catering:

Roll Me Up’s experience in catering to large events, with attendee counts exceeding 2000, positions us as the go-to choice for event ice cream needs. Our tailored ice cream roll cart hire packages guarantee a personalized and delightful experience for every guest.

Why Roll Me Up Stands Out for Ice Cream Events

  • Unique Dessert Option: Distinguish your event from conventional catering with our fresh, made-to-order ice cream rolls.
  • Brand Integration: Perfect for ice cream brand activations, our services enhance your corporate identity with customizable dessert solutions.
  • Engagement: The interactive preparation of our ice cream rolls not only entertains but encourages guests to partake in the experience, leaving a memorable mark on your event.
  • Large-Scale Capability: With the expertise to handle extensive corporate events, Roll Me Up ensures exceptional service for any number of guests.
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Booking Your Ice Cream Roll Experience

Elevate your next corporate event or brand activation with Roll Me Up’s ice cream roll hire. Our team is committed to crafting customized ice cream roll experiences that meet your event’s specific needs, ensuring it’s an unparalleled success. Stand out with our engaging, delightful ice cream rolls.

Roll Me Up is dedicated to creating lasting memories through our ice cream rolls. Contact us today to add a sweet, interactive highlight to your corporate event, serving as a powerful tool for brand activations and elevating your corporate gatherings to new heights

You were a HUGE success – thank you for your hard work. The way you managed it was perfect and It was clear everyone was happy to wait for the end product! Thank you for all your help and we will absolutely be in touch for more events.

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