Film Crew Catering

Are you looking for a perfect treat for the film crew?
We have the perfect solution.

Roll Me Up,is proud to have worked on some of the biggest sets in the film and TV world.

Whether you’re filming on location or at the studio, our delicious and mesmersing display of ice cream theatre will certainly add a bit of a morale boost, whilst on long and enduring film scheduals

Our fun and professional handcrafters with an expertise in ice cream magic making bring excitement and deliciousness to every film set Our high quality luxurious Fresh Cotswold ice cream, blessed with incredibly indulgent bespoke flavours, chopped and rolled right in front of you in the most satisfying way.


roll me up with Tom Cruise Mission Impossible

Professional Bespoke service.

We can cater for as long as you want, arriving early on the day till the end of filming offer a refreshing service thoughout the whole filming process

If ou are looking for a special treat to the crew and cast.


Let us know below.

making ice cream rolls at a cotswold wedding
frsh mango ice cream roll

Bespoke Packages

We have catered on movie locations up and down the country, with some of the biggest names in the business


Our ice cream roll packages are all unlimited so we will stay as long as you wish. All our packages include unlimited topping station filled with delicious sweet treats such as sprinkles, wafer curls, sauces, chocalate beans and more 

We also offer alcohol ice cream flavours too. Why not enjoy a Mango Mojito, or a spiced rum and raisin?

We also offer Dairy free ice cream

Fun and engaging crafters

Alcohol and Vegan flavours 

The WOW factor

 Just enquire below

ice cream rolls, rolled ice cream