Luxury Fresh Ice cream rolls

Roll me up Ice cream Rolls - the perfect addition
to your next event!

Add a touch of fun and deliciousness to your next event with Roll Me Up Ice Cream Rolls! Our delicious flavours  and creaminess will tantalize your taste buds and make you go WOW. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Luxury Fresh
Rolled ice cream

Are you really looking to add the WOW factor at your event?

Roll Me Up create fresh luxury ice cream rolls, that are not just fascinating and fun to watch as they’re being made, they’re also deliciously tasty too. We can create any ice cream roll flavour you wish, in the most mesmerising way.

Catering for events all over the country, and using award winning  Fresh Cotswold Ice cream with bespoke ingredients, Roll Me Up offer an ice dream experience like no other.

making ice cream rolls at a cotswold wedding
ice cream rolls, rolled ice cream

Live dessert Catering

Ice cream rolls add a unique and fascinating dimension to any event. The incredibly mesmerising and satisfying concept WOW’s people all over.

Love Roll Me Up at your next event? Contact us below,
so we can have a chat.

Team building

Perfect for adding an additional team building exercise. LET'S ROLL


An immersive catering experience, guaranteed to add the "WOW". LET'S PARTY


Perfect for an after dinner experience, or as a reception refreshment. WE DO

Product Launches

Increase brand awareness, our carts will add a new dimension JUST WOW!

Trade Shows

Increase footfall with an immersive delicious experience. DISCOVER

Bespoke Flavours

Any flavour you wish we will create in the most amazing ice dream experience. TASTE ME

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Celebrate in style with a dazzling ice cream roll show. Get to make them too CELEBRATE

Film Set Catering

Lights, Cameras, Action. Truly delicious treat on set or location ACTION

ice cream rolls at a hindi wedding

Vegan/Dairy Free Luxury
Ice cream curls

Not only do we create the most amazingly delicious dairy ice
cream, we offer incredible indulgent Vegan/ Dairy Free ice
curls too.

From tempting flavours such as Coconut Mango and Mint,
Chocolate and Almond, Macchiato, and Raspberry Swirl.

Introducing Roll Me Up alcohol Cocktail Curls, they are a
perfect addition to any party or reception.

vegan ice cream rolls

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