Gourmet ice cream rolls at Aston Martin F1 fun day

Corporate event ice cream catering elevates to a whole new level.

Roll Me Up, had the exciting opportunity to cater to the prestigious Aston Martin F1 Team’s Family Fun Day, at the iconic Silverstone HQ in the summer of 2022. This event was a special occasion, marking a day of celebration and team bonding for the Aston Martin F1 team and their families. The day was filled with all types of activities including hot air balloons, birds of prey and live bands. Food ranged from gourmet smoked meats, pizzas, waffles and pancakes.

Roll Me Up- The Pioneer in Gourmet Ice Cream Rolls

In the pulsating heat at Silverstone, during one of the hottest days of 2022 Aston Martin F1 Team’s Family Fun Day, Roll Me Up, a pioneer in luxury rolled ice cream, transformed the day into a grand celebration of flavour and excitement.

Aligning perfectly with the high-octane environment of Formula 1, our interactive dessert station on the fun day was a standout feature, offering a delightful departure from the typical ice cream choices, such as Mr Whippy or scooped ice cream,

Gourmet ice cream rolls Meet the F1 Thrill

With a clear objective to harmonise the luxury of the F1 experience with the joy of gourmet ice cream rolls, our corporate event ice cream catering provided a unique culinary highlight. The menu was carefully crafted to appeal to the diverse group of families, featuring an assortment of flavours that ranged from traditional delights like Strawberry and Meringue to innovative combinations such as Coconut Mango and Passion Fruit, and the indulgent Biscoff and Salted Caramel.

Rolled Ice cream stand at Aston Martin F1 day
Aston Martin F1 car

Interactive Culinary experience

This event was not just about serving ice cream; it was about creating an experience. Roll Me Up set up a dynamic interactive ice cream station, manned by skilled rolled ice cream crafters. The team transformed the preparation of ice cream rolls into an engaging performance, captivating guests with their culinary artistry. This interactive element played a significant role in the event’s success, showcasing the versatility and appeal of our delicious gourmet ice cream rolls.

Commitment to Inclusivity and Sustainability

Mindful of dietary needs, the menu was designed to be nut-free, ensuring inclusivity for all guests. Corporate event ice cream catering needs to be sustainable and In keeping with a commitment to environmental responsibility, all ice cream rolls were served in compostable cups with Aston Martin F1 Aramco branded sustainable wooden spoons, highlighting Roll Me Up’s dedication to sustainability.

Unprecedented Success

The impact of Roll Me Up’s presence was unmistakable. The event saw us create over 1,000 servings of ice cream rolls from noon to 8 pm. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, many said we were the star of the show, praising both the exceptional taste and the unique experience of watching their desserts being crafted. Attendees were then able to use the topping station to glamourize their ice cream rolls with delicious toppings such as flakes, wafers, sprinkles and sauces.

Redefining Dessert Catering at Prestigious Events

This involvement in the Aston Martin F1 Team’s Family Fun Day at Silverstone was a testament to Roll Me Up’s ability to deliver high-quality, engaging, and customised catering services for large-scale events. The success of this event solidified Roll Me Up’s reputation as the premier choice for gourmet ice cream rolls and interactive dessert station experiences at high-profile events, combining innovation, luxury, and customer satisfaction

People queuing for ice cream rolls Aston Martin
gourmet ice cream rolls with toppings




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