Why you should have rolled ice cream at your event

 Why have rolled ice cream at your event? We look at 8 delectable reasons why

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Ice cream is a massive English tradition, and it always brings the youth in us, as we remember the days of going to the beach, or the Sunday afternoon, when the ice cream van would stop by on the street and we would all ask our parents for some money and run to the van before it left.- it was such a treat back then, and would cheer us all up.


There’s something really special about ice cream and the nostalgia attached to it . Ice cream has improved so much in time. 

Incredibly mesmerising.

 Originating from the streets of Bangkok, ice cream rolls have kind of taken the world by storm with the incredibly mesmerising ice cream theatre as the ice cream is made right in front of you. We give you 12 very good reasons why you should be having ice cream rolls at your next event.

Quite unique!

 Ice cream rolls haven’t reached its peak yet. So many people haven’t seen the incredible method of making them. People love the whole process.  What’s even better is that you can also have unique flavours for your event, made especially for you.

Everyone loves ice cream

Whether you’re old or young, there’s something about ice cream that makes people love it. Whatever age, whether it’s the delicious creaminess in your mouth or the shiver it sends down your spine, as you take every chilly lick or spoonful, or even the indulgent flavours that are created.

Entertaining to watch! 

Who needs magicians and entertainers when we create ice cream wizardry right in front of you?

One of the greatest reasons to book us is customer satisfaction.  Some people can spend all day on Youtube or Instagram watching the weirdly satisfying entertaining concept. But we come to you in real life, and you get the extra pleasure of eating them after.

They taste absolutely amazing

All the fresh ingredients are pounded together with our incredibly delicious Fresh Cotswold Ice cream, so the flavours come out intensively. From Fresh Strawberries and other fruits to bespoke chocolates and biscuits, you know exactly what’s going in your ice cream roll, without the need for other flavourings and colours.

Decorated Carts

The beauty of our ice cream carts, is that they could be personally decorated to match the theme of the event, from personalised insignias to company logos. Your company or message can really stand out.

So versatile.

From ice cream canapes to wedding desserts, ice cream roll cocktails to mid-afternoon treat. We can create ice cream rolls for any occasion or time.

Memorable experience

Having ice cream rolls is quite a unique and unforgettable experience. Surprising everyone at the event, and will definitely WOW everyone there.

Bespoke delectable flavours-no matter what time of year-

People love ice cream all year round. No matter what time of year, in fact, ice cream sales increase over the wintertime. We can infuse any flavour you wish. So whether you want fresh and fruity summer flavours or rich and indulgent winter flavours, we can guarantee there would be a flavour right there for you for any occasion.

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