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Oreo and Nutella Ice cream rolls

  • on 24 July 2022
  • By Jason

Nut Nut Nutoreous, Nutoreous

Indulging in Nostalgia: Duran Duran’s Sweet Symphony Inspires Unique Ice Cream Creations


Growing up, I was surrounded by a diverse range of music, but my heart was firmly entrenched in the rhythms of Duran Duran. This iconic 80s New Romantic band with their flamboyant style and groundbreaking music videos left an indelible mark on me, inspiring a sense of wanderlust and creativity. It’s no wonder that when it comes to crafting new and exciting ice cream flavours, I’ve always drawn from the magic of their music.

Duran Duran’s “Nut Nut Nutoreous”

In the realm of ice cream alchemy, I take immense pleasure in concocting unique flavors that are both delightful to the taste buds and resonate with the soul. One such creation that pays homage to Duran Duran’s “Nut Nut Nutoreous” is a prime example. This flavor is a delicious tribute to the band’s vibrant energy and creative spirit.

Roll a Disco: A Dance of Flavours

Among my repertoire of ice cream masterpieces, “Roll a Disco” stands out as a true crowd-pleaser. This delectable ice cream roll boasts the enchanting fusion of banana, blueberry, and strawberry. Originally known as Tutti Frutti, I renamed it to capture the essence of disco’s vibrant colors—yellow, blue, and red. The name reflects the kaleidoscope of flavours and the jubilant dance on the taste buds.

Cherry Ice Cream Smile: A Sweet Dedication

Another delectable addition to my list of heavenly ice cream flavours is the “Cherry Ice Cream Smile.” This flavour is a heartfelt dedication to Duran Duran’s enduring charm and creativity and from the song “Rio” With its luscious red cherry and homemade crumble essence, it’s a delightful treat for any fan. This flavour was created to complement an exhibition where we provided ice cream rolls for The Access Group. The exhibition’s theme was all about the colour red, in sync with their brand identity.

A Flavourful Journey: Nut Nut Nutoreous

Nut Nut Nutoreous was one of my earliest creations, alongside “Rolled Up Mess” and “The Golden Child.” The magic truly happens when customers and clients choose to savour these unique flavours. The joy I feel when they “get it” and even sing about it is unparalleled. It’s like a shared, delightful secret.

Living the Dream: From Ice Cream Rolls to Duran Duran

A few years ago, I would’ve never imagined the incredible experiences that awaited me. I’ve been fortunate enough to perform in three European countries, cater on the set of a Mission Impossible film, and even take the stage live on Oxford Street. Dreams and opportunities do come true, and I’m living proof of that.

Duran Duran at Buckingham Palace: A Dream Come True

I vividly recall a moment of sheer excitement when I discovered that Duran Duran was performing at The Mall, Buckingham Palace, on a Saturday evening. This was the same weekend we were performing live at Superdry’s HQ store on Oxford Street, London. With uncontainable enthusiasm, I turned to my wife and asked, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if Duran Duran dedicated a song to me and ‘Roll Me Up’ and signed ‘Nut Nut Nutoreous’?”

My wife, not being as well-versed in Duran Duran’s music, couldn’t quite grasp my fervor, but I persisted in sharing my dream. It felt like being a child, unapologetically believing in the extraordinary.

In the end, life is a treasure trove of unexpected adventures and serendipitous moments. Who would have thought that an ice cream maker could find themselves walking from Oxford Street to Buckingham Palace to see their music idols live? Dreams can be realized, and the most extraordinary opportunities can emerge from the most unexpected places. So, let your dreams soar, and who knows where they might take you. After all, life has a way of surprising us in the most delightful of ways.

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