Ice dream experience

The Greatest Show on Ice

Mesmerising!  Satisfying!  Incredible!! These are words I hear all the time at events we attend. I like to call it  The Greatest Show On Ice“. Being in the hospitality industry for many years, kitchens, and front of house, I have never known a product, that gets so much fascination from the crowds.

It really is an ice dream experience. The ice cream rolled transformed from different state liquid and solid to beautiful curls in front of you. The look of the faces, Totally mesmerized. Experiences and rolled ice cream are this year’s biggest trend.

Why not offer the staff  ice cream rolls as a reward or a team-building event?

We will come to your office, set up near an electricity point, and chop away as we make the rolled ice cream in front of everyone.

Working with some great clients over the past year proves that it is an amazing experience, we have worked with YTL Group, Cambridge University, Daniel Wellington to name just a few.

It’s a beautiful Instagrammable product and pleases everyone, that get to enjoy the moment in creation, and then getting to eat the most delicious ice cream roll in the UK.

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