Ice cream roll catering for trade shows

Unique Brand Presence-Ice Cream Rolls for Trade Shows

Roll Me Up offers a unique and delicious catering option for trade shows and exhibitions. Our ice cream rolls are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and come in a variety of flavours. Guaranteed to increase footfall. Contact us to learn more!

rolled ice cream at Jewson trade show

Expo and trade show ice cream roll givaways

Whether you are visiting or an exhibitor, exhibitions are long and tiring days, with a lot of walking and chatting to clients.

 Roll Me Up offer an amazing and unique Expo and trade show ice cream roll giveaway experience. The mesmerizingly delicious crowd-puller will attract visitors to your stand.

We can brand our ice cream cart, cups, wafers and even our ice cream crafters with your logo on the Aprons we use for maximum visual impact. Attract prospects and engage with them, over the most amazingly delicious ice cream show on Earth

We’ll give your stand a fascinating appeal, that will attract visitors and potential clients and most importantly help you achieve your intended results.

Increase footfall and make your trade stand an incredible success.

Just some of the benefits of having us at your stand:

  • Attract up to three times more potential clients to the stand.
  • Keep prospects engaged when the sales team is busy.
  • Promote your corporate image and create brand awareness
  • Entertain your existing and potential clients
  • All our carts can be personalised with your branding.

Optimize your presence.

Make your stand, stand out which can include custom branded cups, branded aprons for our event

Mesmerising and satisfying.

We can guarantee high footfall to your stand, as we amaze your potential clients with the most mesmerising, fun and satisfying ice cream experience they ever witness. 

Corporate Clients who love our ice cream!

We have worked with some of the most amazing companies in the UK, and really made a presence. These include


The Access Group

Lend Hub and more

roll me up at olympia


Each ice cream roll performance takes approximately 2-3 minutes, depending on the ingredients.

With one pan we can serve ,

  • approximately 150 people an hour if they have 1 roll each
  • approximately 70 people an hour if they have 2 rolls each
  • approximately 60 people if they have 3 rolls each
  • approximately 50 people if they have 4 rolls each

We have a large number of  ice pans, so we can serve people quickly.


Our carts are quite versatile and can be moved easily on wheels. From unloading to the area where we will be serving, we allow approximately one hour to be fully ready and serve.

Packing up takes approximately 30-45 minutes, we always leave the area how we found it.

If you require us to arrive earlier or to stay later after the event, there may be additional charges.

We don’t require a lot of space. If you require one pan, the size is 1m x 66cm for the cart only. Plus any storage or serving space.

If you require 2 pans the dimensions of the cart is 163cm x 66cm.

All our carts fit through regular doors, and are easily transportable on wheels. Depending on the set up if we are outside we may require to use a gazebo set up which requires 3m x 3m of space.

Ice cream rolls, rolled ice cream, Thai fried ice cream, ice rolls, ice cream curls are an incredible and mesmerising way of making ice cream.

Originating in Thailand, liquid ice cream is poured onto frozen pans that reach -30. Bespoke ingredients (you choose the flavour) are added and this is quickly frozen and then chopped, creamed spread and rolled in the most spectacular fashion

We have worked with some of the most amazing companies in the UK. Aston Martin F1, Superdry, Daniel Wellington, GW Pharma, Jewson, HP Enterprise and Newbury Racecourse, Flamingo Horticulture, to name just a few.

Our carts, menus, flavours, wafers, aprons can all be personalised with your message or logo amplifying your brand presence.

Most designs are made with a simple logo although if you wish to have it professionally designed we can send over the templates required.

Please see below for printing times.

  • Cups at least 1 months
  • Wafers 2 weeks
  • Spoons 3 weeks
  • Cart 1 week
  • Aprons 2 weeks
  • Menu 3 days



We have worked with some amazing clients , this is what they have to say