Alcoholic ice cream rolls

  • on 15 May 2020
  • By Jason

Looking for some Oomph? Try our alcoholic ice cream rolls

Not only do we create the most amazingly delicious rolled ice creams with bespoke flavours. We can add the Oomph to the party with some incredibly dazzling alcohol rolled ice cream flavours.

We take mixology to the next level as we can create your favourite cocktail into an ice cream.

This isn’t for kids though, so adults only!!

How about a Pina Rolada? Deliciously creamy coconut base with pineapple and Bacardi

A Strawberry Rose- Tequila Rose with Fresh Strawberries.

We can create any ice cream roll flavour you wish and very happy to work with Alcohol Brands to add a unique dimension to an event.

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