Looking to increase footfall at the Expo?

  • on 26 September 2019
  • By Jason

Increase footfall to your tradestand- Offer Ice cream rolls

Offer ice cream rolls!!-The best way to attract potential customers at Expos

A unique and fascinating way of attracting clients to your trade stands at expos and driving sales is by offering something for them. One of the best trade show crowd pull system is offering ice cream rolls. Rolled ice cream is a uniquely Thai way of making ice cream that attracts people whenever they see it being made. This will help gain prospective clients and convert them into sales.

Powerful experiential marketing.

Statistics show that live entertainment and offerings comprise a powerful experiential marketing tool that helps engage attendees and visitors at an expo. That aside, offering ice cream rolls can successfully and emphatically communicate your brand’s messages and goals in a creative, interactive engaging, and fun way. This is perfect when product recognition and identification is key. There are a lot of reasons why you want the added WOW factor at expos or trade shows. -Boost sales, showcase your product, being different than everyone else, stand out from your competitors, and most of all to be remembered.

Increase your database.

Offering ice cream rolls will grab everyone’s attention and you’ll be able to market more aggressively and increase your database with potential clients and most importantly increase revenue. What better way to attract people to your booth than to offer them refreshments? Trade shows, exhibitions and expos get very very busy and many potential clients don’t get around to eating or being refreshed. By us providing ice cream rolls, this will inspire people to stop and take advantage of this amazing ice dream experience. Use this time to engage with them and perhaps qualify them for your sales.

Offering Ice cream rolls can achieve exactly that for you!

Basically having rolled ice creams will

  • Attract up to seven times more potential clients to the stand.
  • Keep prospects engaged when the sales team is busy.
  • Promote your corporate image and Create brand awareness
  • Entertain your existing clients.
  • Boost your sales

Why have Roll Me Up?

Because we offer the most amazingly, delicious ice cream rolls. We’re amazing at creating memorable and delicious event entertainment Also the stand will be personally tailored and flavoured around your brand’s products and services. With your logo, branding marketing material, and sales messages incorporated if you wish, that will draw a huge crowd of prospects at your stand.

So how does it work?

You let us know your objectives and give Roll Me Up your logo and other marketing material. Our ice cream carts will be personally branded with your logo and our team will be dressed professionally. We just require approx 1mx1m of space and a power supply. We do all the hard work by creating ice cream rolls for your potential clients and you get to talk and gain prospective customers.   If you’re looking for more information on how we can increase footfall, please fill in the details below