What are ice cream rolls?

  • on 13 March 2019
  • By Jason

Ice cream roll questions

What are ice cream rolls?

Ice cream rolls, also known as Stir-fried ice cream, Thai Fried Ice cream, Ice rolls, Rolled ice cream, are a fascinating and interesting new method of making ice cream. Using a liquid ice cream base,(we use the very best Freshest Cotswold ice cream) this is poured onto a frozen ice pan machine and bespoke ingredients are added to it.
This is then chopped up all together using choppers or scrapers until it’s all thick and creamy and spreadable. This is then spread along the frozen plate in a large rectangle. Once this is spread, using the scraper at an angle, ice cream curls are formed. This is then served in a compostable cup,

Where does Rolled Ice cream originate from?

Although ice cream before was being made on Frozen slabs, it wasn’t until Thai people started making them into rolls on frozen ice pans in small foodstalls on the streets.  They became worldwide famous on Instagram and Youtube by the unique method established by the Thai people, Ice curls are now seen on lots of corners and in the market places on the streets of Thailand. They are now seen everywhere around the world with the magical display of ice cream theatre.

What flavours can you have?

Because ice cream rolls are made bespoke you can choose any flavour you wish. Our most popular ice cream curl flavours are Nut Nut Nutoreos which is Nutella and Oreo, also Rolled Up Mess(Fresh Strawberries and Meringue). Please take a look at our flavours list to give you a gist of what flavours are possible

There are some bizarre flavours trending like Cheeseburgers or Guinness.

What does make it unique is that we can also work with bespoke creators and brands of fine foods and alcohols to collaborate with for some experiential marketing.

Can you make vegan ice cream rolls?

Yes of course. We use Organic coconut to make our very own signature vegan ice cream rolls. These can be combined with many flavours including Biscoff, Cocao, Mango and Mint and lots of other delicious fruit flavours.

What makes rolled ice cream so popular?

It’s incredible that such what is supposed to be quite a normal product and with a little bit of inginuity has made ice cream rolls so popular than they are today. They have technically taken the world by storm, with so many people watching Youtube videos of them being created, or to be photographed with them after they’ve been made.
They have such a satisfying appeal and they taste amazing too. There is a lot of magic involved Taking 2 or 3 products and in a few minutes with the most amazing ice dream experience  turning them into beautiful ice curls.

What equipment do you use?

We use high-quality ice pan machines that are thoroughly safety tested and Pat tested. This just uses one socket of a plug. The ice cream rolls are made on ice pans that reach -30 degrees in 2 seconds. We just need approx 1m of space and electricity hook up. Are you looking to hire ice cream rolls for your wedding, take a look at our wedding packages.

How many can you cater for?

We can offer an intimate bespoke party from 50 people to up to 2000. Depending on the quality and speed of service you require. With one pan we can create approx 25 -30 full-size portions an hour with one pan or offer taster rolls which can produce approx 150 rolls an hour. All our bookings are unlimited so your guests can come back for more. If you would like Roll Me Up to cater at your party, we would love you to get in touch.