6 tips for team-building

  • on 23 February 2020
  • By Jason

6 Tips for team-building

Tips on making ice cream rolls for a team-building event

Everyone loves a bit of fun, don’t they? Have you considered having ice cream rolls as a team-building event?

We show you the process of making ice cream rolls so maybe you can have it as a great event for team building. All the colleagues will be able to choose their own ice cream roll flavours they wish to create

Once they start chopping away things can get really competitive it will get really competitive, making ice cream rolls isn’t easy either. There’s a lot of skill and knack involved and I’ve seen big strong assertive guys attempt to make one and it did make a lot of people laugh, however, a young 11-year-old girl made them perfectly as if she was an expert in her field.

It does look easy but to be honest, there are a few different ways to make sure your team performs to the best of their ability.

Here are 6 top tips on how to make the perfect ice cream roll

1. Don’t be afraid to use force. Making ice cream rolls isn’t easy and needs a certain strength behind it. Grasp the handles of the choppers in your hands firmly and running the choppers against each other with your fists chop up and down as if you’re stabbing something with the bottom of your fists.

2. This is where the good wrist action comes in, you need to use the whole circular action of your hands, a bit like changing from a backhand to a forehand playing tennis, use the wrist action to scoop the now freezing ice cream to a small pile

3. It does get competitive and lots of colleagues will laugh, however, it’s best to encourage them, HaHaHa

4. Keep repeating the chopping motion and the tennis motion till there is a nice thick spreadable texture.

5. Now it gets a bit artistic, you need a nice flowing method, imagine you’re painting or plastering a wall,as you spread the lovely ice cream paste into a nice thin rectangle, and then topping with delicious sauces

6. Now the proof is in the pudding and where you need a little bit of strength. Glide the chopper at a 45-degree angle and curl the ice cream into beautiful curls.

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